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Project Showcase

Chaberton Energy Project Showcase

Project Showcase

Chaberton Energy Project Showcase




Chaberton Energy develops sustainable infrastructure and renewable projects, with a primary focus on distributed energy generation and community solar projects. 

Our Team

Solar Energy


Our experienced team members have developed, for nearly two decades, energy projects throughout the United States and internationally, worth several billion dollars in capital investments. As Chaberton Energy, we develop renewable energy projects throughout the U.S., with a particular focus on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region, where we are headquartered. We currently have over 80 projects at different stages of development, and representing over 600 MW of generating capacity.

Here are a few sample projects. And, in case you were wondering, yes, all of our projects (as well as our company) are named after mountain peaks, which remind us of the beauty of nature and pristine environments we are working to preserve!

Project Friendship

Two adjacent projects in West Friendship, Howard County, Maryland, totaling 6.25 MW.  The projects are fully operational as of early 2023 and serve local community residents and small businesses, via the Community Solar Maryland program, and Loyola University Maryland, via the Aggregate Net Energy Metering program. Like all of our projects in the mid-Atlantic, the projects features a pollinator habitat, which will help restore bee population, and grow productivity of surrounding farms. 

Project Crestone

A community solar project in Harrington, Kent County, Delaware, totaling 6.4 MW. We have been working on this project as our first project in the First State to participate in the newly revamped Delaware Community Solar program. For this project, we are considering a new innovative racking technology that greatly reduces installation costs, reduces visual impact, and makes the most efficient use of the land. The project is ideally situated, neighboring a railway line and a heavily forested area.

Project Crestone
Project Ben Nevis

Project Fuji

Two projects located in Franklin, New Jersey, with a combined capacity of 5 MW. The first phase of the project involves installing a behind-the-meter system to cater to the on-site energy requirements of an aggregate material production site. The second phase of the project entails developing a community solar installation that will allow local residents to subscribe and benefit from the energy generated. One of the unique features of this project is the use of “floating solar” or “flotovoltaic” technology, which will be installed on the surface of an industrial pond. This approach is an excellent solution as it enables us to utilize an otherwise unused resource and generate savings for the existing site operations and the local community. 

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