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Chaberton Energy develops sustainable infrastructure and renewable projects, with a primary focus on distributed energy generation and community solar projects. 

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What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is an energy program that allows utility customers to receive a credit on their electric bill by subscribing to a solar energy project located off-site in their community (not on the residence/small business). Solar arrays are developed and constructed to offer a utility cost offset to multiple members of the community at once. In some communities, the local utility allows not only homeowners, but also renters to take advantage of the benefits provided by a community solar subscription.

Community Solar is particularly advantageous for low- and moderate-income families who may not have sufficient resources to invest in solar panels.

Community Solar also allows homeowners who do not have a roof or space for solar panels to utilize solar energy.


Solar Installation

Solar panels are conveniently installed at an off-site location and connected to the local utility service for usage.



Local residents within the service scope of the utility service can sign up via a subscription model to participate in the community solar program.



Residents receive credits on their electric bill based on the energy generated from the solar panels.

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