Leasing Your Land

Leasing Your Land

Chaberton Energy Leasing Your Land

Leasing Your Land


Chaberton Energy Leasing Your Land




Chaberton Energy develops sustainable infrastructure and renewable projects, with a primary focus on distributed energy generation and community solar projects. 

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Consider Hosting a Solar Farm

We are always looking for suitable land to develop solar projects on.  We lease anywhere from about 4 acres to 100, or even more, acres of land.  The number of acres we lease from your property will depend on local considerations, the types of projects that we are looking to develop in a particular geographic location, and the suitability of your land.  In general, land that is near an existing utility line that has interconnection capacity, with a flat or gentle slope, few wetlands, and natural screening makes for a perfect solar property.

What Properties are Good for Solar Development

Good For Solar 1 Utility Line

Near Utility Lines

Good for Solar 2 Slope

Gently Sloping

Good for Solar 3 Grass

Few Wetlands

Good for Solar 4 Screening

Natural Screening

When we lease your land, you will receive a significant, annual, dependable income and in many cases you can still continue your existing operations on the balance of the property. The income we provide depends on local considerations and varies from site to site, but in most cases, leasing land to Chaberton Energy for a solar project is the most financially beneficial option. 

Our landowners are our partners and we value integrity, transparency, honesty, as well as frequent and open communication. We commit to staying closely in touch with you throughout the design, development, and construction process to ensure that your needs and goals are met.

The development of a solar project generally takes between 12 and 24 months, and generally follows a series of key steps.

Think Your Land May Be Suitable for Solar Development?

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