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Community Benefits

Chaberton Energy Community Benefits

Community Benefits

Chaberton Community Benefits




Chaberton Energy develops sustainable infrastructure and renewable projects, with a primary focus on distributed energy generation and community solar projects. 

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Benefits to the Community

Chaberton Energy is committed to going above and beyond when working with local partners and the community to be a good neighbor. In addition to strict compliance of all local, state, and federal regulations, Chaberton strives to work with local communities to implement special projects that immediately benefit local residents. Community projects range from establishing a local playground for children, to building a bike lane, to providing other community services. There are many benefits to embracing solar energy within your community.

A Completed Solar Installation…

WILL increase the amount of clean energy within the community, reducing the need for high-polluting sources of energy, thereby providing long-term health benefits to your community.

WILL give residents the opportunity to lower their electric bill.  Local residents will have a chance to subscribe to our community solar project through our retail partners and enjoy immediate savings on their electric bill.  For Maryland, please check in with our partners at Neighborhood Sun to see if you qualify for one of the projects we are developing.

WILL use landscaping buffers around the solar farm to minimize visual impact to the local community.

WILL provide long-term income to your local jurisdiction via local taxes, community hosting agreements, etc.

WILL generate local economic development, creating many high-paying local, direct, indirect, and induced jobs, spurring local economic activity.

Additionally, if the solar installation is on land that had been used for agricultural activities, a completed solar installation also:

WILL complement and enhance agricultural activities; most commonly, we will establish a pollinator habitat to promote the restoration and support of local pollinators including birds, bees, and butterflies. Supporting pollinators will, in turn, increase the productivity of the balance of the farm and surrounding farms.  In some cases, we will also incorporate other agricultural activities that are symbiotic to the farm, such as sheep grazing and raising of shade-tolerant crops.

WILL give the land the chance to rest, regenerate soil, replenish nutrients, and lay fallow for the duration of the temporary installment. Once the installment is removed, the land will be positioned and ready to immediately return to full agricultural production.

A Completed Solar Installation…

WILL NOT generate odor pollution.
WILL NOT generate noise pollution.
WILL NOT generate air pollution.
WILL NOT generate chemical runoff.
WILL NOT generate long-term traffic.
WILL NOT generate glare or visibility issues.

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