Partnership Between Prosperity Works and Chaberton Energy Awarded 30 MWac Waitlist Capacity in New Mexico Community Solar Pilot Program and Works with Local Students in ACE Internship Program

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Partnership Between Prosperity Works and Chaberton Energy Awarded 30 MWac Waitlist Capacity in New Mexico Community Solar Pilot Program and Works with Local Students in ACE Internship Program

July 6, 2023 – The Prosperity Works and Chaberton Energy Partnership has been awarded 30 MWac waitlist capacity for community solar in NM across 6 community solar projects. Five of these projects are owned by Prosperity Works, a non-profit organization whose goal is generating economic prosperity for all New Mexicans by building and protecting assets for limited-income New Mexicans. Chaberton Energy’s City of Deming landfill community solar project uses new Erthos ground-mounted technology allowing non-disruptive utilization of this hard to develop land and providing increased revenue to the community.


All these projects are being co-developed by Prosperity Works and Chaberton Energy and are additionally partnered with two other local NM firms, Positive Energy Solar and Souder, Miller & Associates, on the program applications. This partnership brings together three local firms to bring New-Mexico based expertise to the project development process combined with international community solar expertise by Chaberton Energy.


Prosperity Works anticipates waitlisted projects will have the opportunity to move into program capacity due to interconnection or alternative project development challenges faced by other projects. If awarded capacity in the State pilot program, these six projects will be constructed in five different New Mexico Counties: Luna, Hidalgo, Grant, Valencia, and Otero. Projects were designed to maximize local involvement, provide utility savings to New Mexico residents and small businesses, and support a statewide workforce program. The projects will have a particular focus on low-to-moderate income households for both bill savings and workforce selection.


Chaberton Energy is excited to make a difference in New Mexico and has already started partnering with ACE Leadership High School in Albuquerque, NM by offering a 6-week Solar Development Internship learning experience for a small group of students. The internship concluded on May 3, 2023, providing six students the opportunity to learn firsthand from Chaberton team members about the process of solar development.


The mixed-learning style of this program exposed students to solar development software and management practices with hands-on assignments, remote-learning and workplace protocols, workplace professionalism training, community engagement principals, in-person solar site visits, and post-high-school training opportunities. Students and school administrators provided extremely positive feedback at the conclusion of the program, and Chaberton is excited about the prospect of growing this program and providing similar opportunities to additional communities.





About Prosperity Works

Prosperity Works supports limited-income New Mexicans to build and protect assets they need to be successful. Whether that’s investing in education, providing low-interest lending options, assistance for buying a home, providing fair lending information, or even lowering energy bills. Prosperity Works collaboratives with other nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and more to make these life-changing strategies a reality. For more information, please visit



Dr. Ann Lyn Hall || Prosperity Works, Chief Executive Officer



About Chaberton Energy

Chaberton Energy develops renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure projects. Chaberton Energy primarily develops distributed solar generation assets, from origination to ready-to-operate, with a focus on community solar projects which drive benefits directly to consumers. Chaberton Energy is backed by Greenbacker Development Opportunities Fund, is based in Maryland, and has over 500 MW of active community solar and distributed generation projects in development nationwide. For more information, please visit



Angelica Chang || Chaberton Energy, Business Operations Director



About Positive Energy Solar

Positive Energy Solar (PES), an employee-owned, New Mexico-based B-Corp headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, is one of the most experienced solar construction firms in New Mexico, providing sustainable energy solutions to New Mexico households, businesses, pueblos, and governments for over 25 years. Always finding the best ways to contribute to the community, PES uses best-in-class solar equipment ensuring that homeowners, businesses, and agencies experience the best possible benefit and long-term value.



Clark Simpson || Positive Energy Solar, VP Commercial Business



About Souder, Miller & Associates

Miller Engineers, Inc. d/b/a Souder, Miller & Associates (SMA) was established in 1984 and is an employee-owned consulting firm providing surveying, engineering, planning, and environmental services to private and public clients throughout the Mountain West region. SMA understands that the transition to renewable energy will transform our economy and our society. SMA’s more than 200 professionals – including Professional Land Surveyors, Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, Scientists, Planners, and technical support staff – are committed to playing a valuable role in our region’s transformation.



Dale W. Lyons || Souder Miller Associates, Renewable Energy Client Community Manager



About ACE Leadership High School

ACE Leadership High School (ACE) is an Albuquerque public charter school that connects a renewed vision of learning with New Mexico industry. Approaching high school differently, ACE invests in every aspect of students’ lives to prepare them with the tools, support, and connections they need to thrive. ACE works with leaders in New Mexico’s architecture, construction, and engineering industries to set students up for getting ahead in a changing world while building a better future for New Mexico’s families, educators, industries, and communities. ACE continues to look for new and engaging industry partners to work with students in a variety of ways, including leading builds or projects with students and staff, hosting students for job site visits, guest speaking, hosting interns, and more.



Matthew Salas || ACE Leadership High School, Director of Community Engagement