Chaberton Shines with a New Brand in 2024

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Chaberton Shines with a New Brand in 2024

By Erica Brinker, Chief Commercial & Sustainability Officer

ROCKVILLE, Maryland, Feb 16, 2024 – If you don’t know Chaberton Energy, we are one of the fastest growing solar developers in the United States. With more than 100 projects to our credit and 650+ MWs under site control in just 4 years, you might say we have been a little busy.

Headquartered in Maryland, we are an employee-owned public benefit corporation focused on developing sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy projects. What does this mean? Well, we do all the things…from finding the right properties, to engineering optimally designed systems, from permitting and project management, to selling the project to our investment clients.

There are lots of steps in between, but hopefully you get the picture – we make solar projects happen. We’re happy with our work when we make it easy for our landowners and businesses to deploy solar. Everybody has different reasons for adopting clean energy. Whether it’s to decarbonize your operation, earn money on your farmland, lower utility costs, positively impact the environment or save money for your operations – we are here for all of it!

Putting up all these megawatts meant that we continue to hire the best and brightest Chabertonians to build this rocketship as we are flying it. And we have no intention of slowing down. To be honest, it’s been a little hard to contain our excitement! So, to make our outside reflect the giddiness of our insides, we decided it was time rebrand for Chaberton 2.0. We are happy to unveil our new logo, new colors and new ways to describe what we do to show how we are differentiated. This new brand helps us lay the foundation for us to grow in all the directions and markets we need to.

But just because we have a different look, doesn’t mean our company values have changed. At our core, we still live by our values of Creativity, Excellence and Humanity. These three values define the way we work and the care we take every step of the way.

So, what about that new logo?

What is that triangle looking thingy?

We are so glad you asked!

Our new icon represents Mont Chaberton in Italy. A mountain so big that is towers with a peak of 10,242 feet. Situated on the French and Italian border, Mont Chaberton is part of the Alps. Our founder, Stefano Ratti, is from Italy and has climbed this peak more times than he can count.

And just like our fearless leader, Stefano, Chabertonians are not afraid to do the hard things. One other little detail about our mountain-icon-of-a-logo…the three sides represent (yep, you guessed it), our three core values. These values find their way into every nook and cranny of our business!

Hopefully you enjoyed learning about our journey. There will be more to come here, on our website, so stay tuned in so you can hear more about our continued growth. Signing off and sending only solar vibes your way!



About Chaberton Energy

Headquartered in Maryland, Chaberton Energy is a public benefit corporation focused on developing sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Our work ranges from site conception to full operations, emphasizing distributed energy, community solar, and commercial and industrial initiatives. 


We deeply value the communities we serve including employees, landowners, neighbors, customers, regulators, development partners and investors. Rooted in creativity, excellence, and humanity, our team is dedicated to creating sustainable renewable energy solutions. These projects not only support the transition to clean energy and reduce pollution, but they also benefit residents and businesses economically. 



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