Chaberton Energy Reaches 100-Solar Sites Milestone

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Chaberton Energy develops sustainable infrastructure and renewable projects, with a primary focus on distributed energy generation and community solar projects. Our Team Solar Energy Contact

Chaberton Energy Reaches 100-Solar Sites Milestone

  • The company has emerged as a top community solar company in the US.
  • Growth of the company is attributed to their focus on disciplined site selection, deep community engagement, world-class in-house engineering and strong demand by asset owners looking for high-quality investments.


ROCKVILLE, Maryland, Jan. 31, 2024 – Chaberton Energy Holdings has reached 100 solar energy sites under contract in less than four years, and it plans to double its growth in the next two years. Chaberton controls 650+ MWDC of community solar sites in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, New Jersey and Italy.


“As we contemplate the 100-site milestone, I am struck with a sense of pride for the team’s incredible efforts,” said Chaberton Energy CEO and founder Stefano Ratti. “To maintain the momentum of the energy transition, we have a responsibility to bring more community solar online while also saving customers money on their utility bills. I am grateful that we’ve been able to reach 100 sites in a relatively short time.” 


After initially launching with projects in the Mid-Atlantic region in 2020, Chaberton established a national profile as a community solar developer. The company has broadened its portfolio to include commercial and industrial projects and it is now active in more than 10 states, due in part to favorable state solar policies that continue to emerge across the country.


Community solar installations have grown from 85 MWDC cumulative in 2015 to 6.2 GWDC in 2023, according to Wood Mackenzie and the Solar Energy Industries Association. Community solar is expected to grow 8% annually between 2024 and 2028, thanks largely to the Inflation Reduction Act.


“Chaberton will be busy this year offering valuable solar options for communities and for businesses that recognize the benefits of generating their own electricity, cutting costs and reducing their carbon footprint,” Ratti said. “We enter 2024 fueled by a strong sense of purpose and a steadfast commitment to helping advance the energy transition.  We are proud of our achievements, but also eager to embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead.”


Ratti attributes the company’s success and growth to its shared values of creativity, excellence, and humanity. This foundation creates a business culture that’s attractive to high-quality employees and customers alike. It also sets a positive tone for Chaberton’s early engagement in communities where it operates.


About Chaberton Energy

Headquartered in Maryland, Chaberton Energy is a public benefit corporation focused on developing sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Our work ranges from site conception to full operations, emphasizing distributed energy, community solar, and commercial and industrial initiatives. 


We deeply value the communities we serve including employees, landowners, neighbors, customers, regulators, development partners and investors. Rooted in creativity, excellence, and humanity, our team is dedicated to creating sustainable renewable energy solutions. These projects not only support the transition to clean energy and reduce pollution, but they also benefit residents and businesses economically. 



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