Chaberton Energy Transitions Potomac Project to PureSky Energy

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Chaberton Energy Transitions Potomac Project to PureSky Energy




Chaberton Energy develops sustainable infrastructure and renewable projects, with a primary focus on distributed energy generation and community solar projects. Our Team Solar Energy Contact

PureSky Energy Acquires Chaberton's 2.47 MW Solar Project in Potomac, Md.

ROCKVILLE, Maryland, March 14, 2024 – Chaberton Energy is thrilled to announce that its 2.47 Megawatt (MW) solar project located in Potomac, Md., has been acquired by PureSky Energy.


This first collaborative project between Chaberton and PureSky Energy actively supports Maryland’s renewable energy goals. This strategic collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to advance solar energy development in the region.


A distinctive feature of this project is the adoption of Erthos, an innovative solar mounting technology. Unlike traditional mounting systems, Erthos is designed to lay flat on the ground. This not only minimizes visual impact on surrounding areas but also optimizes land use, enabling a larger MW capacity per acre and setting a new benchmark for efficiency and community integration in solar installations.


“We are excited to embark on this journey with Chaberton Energy and to introduce our first project in Maryland,” said Jared Donald, president and chief executive officer of PureSky Energy. “This project is not just a step towards expanding our footprint; it’s a leap into the future of solar energy. By utilizing the Erthos mounting system, we are setting a new standard for solar installations that are both community-friendly and efficient.”


Stefano Ratti, chief executive officer of Chaberton Energy, said, “We are thrilled to partner with PureSky Energy, a company that shares our vision of helping communities access local, affordable, clean energy,” said Stefano Ratti, chief executive officer of Chaberton Energy. “It’s fulfilling to hand off this important project to a company that will uphold our commitments to the people of Montgomery County.”


Ratti called attention to all the collaborators who made this project possible. “We are grateful to those who helped get us to this point,” he said. “Especially the Montgomery County Planning Board along with the review staff, our host landowner, the Erthos team and of course the hard-working team at Chaberton who championed this project from start to finish. This is a win for community members, Montgomery County, PureSky, Chaberton and the environment.”


The Potomac solar project is expected to play a crucial role in providing renewable energy to the local community and paving the way for future sustainable projects in the area.


About Chaberton Energy

Headquartered in Maryland, Chaberton Energy is a public benefit corporation focused on developing sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Our work ranges from site conception to full operations, emphasizing distributed energy, community solar, and commercial and industrial initiatives. 


We deeply value the communities we serve including employees, landowners, neighbors, customers, regulators, development partners and investors. Rooted in creativity, excellence, and humanity, our team is dedicated to creating sustainable renewable energy solutions. These projects not only support the transition to clean energy and reduce pollution, but they also benefit residents and businesses economically. 


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About PureSky Energy

PureSky Energy is a leading developer, owner and operator of U.S. community solar, C&I and storage projects with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Since entering the U.S. market in 2016, the company has rapidly expanded its scale and currently operates a portfolio with generation capacity of approximately 233MW across 44 sites or under-construction projects expected to be completed in the short term. The company has a large pipeline of solar and battery storage projects across existing and new US markets, placing the platform in a primary position within the distributed generation market. The company’s mission is to make clean energy accessible and affordable to local communities across the United States, while shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.