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Chaberton Energy's Charitable Contributions 2021 & 2022

February 8, 2023 – Every day, Chaberton Energy works to promote a greener tomorrow by creating a best-in-class renewable energy project development process, promoting an inclusive organizational culture, and leveraging our team’s uniquely tailored expertise to develop sustainable renewable energy projects that benefit the environment, reduce pollution, and combat climate change.


Our team works to achieve these goals through exemplifying qualities of Creativity (approaching problems with optimism and a readiness to reinvent normal), Excellence (maintaining high standards and intellectual curiosity to develop analytical processes that ensure an optimal result), and Humanity (working with compassion, honesty, and integrity to build strong, long-term relationships).


Over the past 2 years, Chaberton Energy has contributed to eight different charities across communities we have been working in throughout 2021 and 2022. The selected organizations range from a local to national reach, but each charity’s mission and values align with Chaberton’s own mission and values.


Chaberton is proud to support these organizations and promote their mission success in environmental stewardship, promoting economic equality for disadvantaged communities, and enriching educational opportunities for students.


The eight charities Chaberton has supported in 2021 & 2022 are as followed: 


  • Bright Minds Foundation (MD) – “The Bright Minds Foundation works to enhance educational opportunities for all children attending Howard County Public Schools.” Understanding the importance of education, the Bright Minds Foundation aims to provide each child with ample education, resources, and opportunities to succeed not only in school, but also in life.


  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Greater Chesapeake Area) – CBF’s mission is to “Save the Bay®, and keep it saved.” CBF (Chesapeake Bay Foundation) “engages in education, advocacy, litigation, and restoration to turn the tide and leave a legacy of clean water for future generations” specifically in the Chesapeake Bay and affiliate regions.


  • Chesapeake Climate Action Network (Greater Chesapeake Area) – CCAN’s mission includes “build[ing] a diverse movement powerful enough to put our region on the path to climate stability”. They fight against climate change through advocating for systemic change as supported through educating the people, creating alliances across communities, and using resources creatively and effectively to achieve results.


  • Community Ecology Institute (MD) – CEI works to “foster diverse connections between people and the natural world.” CEI develops evidence-based community education materials, creates opportunities for the community to engage in environmentally beneficial projects, and exemplifies best practices for environmental stewardship throughout the local community. 


  • Conserve the Future Fund (VA) – The Conserve the Future Fund aims to “support projects and organizations with a focus on benefiting the environment, conserving natural resources and enhancing regional sustainability.” This fund utilizes grantmaking to support specific sustainability projects instead of applying funds broadly to an organization’s operating budget.


  • Healing House (NM) – The Luna County Healing House provides critical support to “assist victims and survivors of domestic violence by providing emergency shelter, emotional support, case management and diversified programs designed to increase safety, independence, self-sufficiency and self-empowerment.” The Healing House focuses their humanitarian efforts on supporting and strengthening vulnerable members of the community.


  • Prosperity Works (NM) – “Prosperity Works builds the capacity of organizations and advocates for policies that generate economic prosperity for all New Mexicans by providing limited-income New Mexico households with social and financial assets to ensure sustainable, equitable solutions for building strong, thriving communities.”


  • The Nature Conservancy (National) – The Nature Conservancy is a “global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive”. They strive to tackle environmental issues including carbon emissions, protecting natural habitats, and ocean and land conservation efforts.  


About Chaberton Energy

Chaberton Energy develops renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure projects. Chaberton Energy primarily develops distributed solar generation assets in the mid-Atlantic and in the Western U.S., from origination to ready-to-operate, with a focus on community solar projects which drive benefits directly to consumers. Chaberton Energy is funded by Greenbacker Development Fund, is based in Maryland and has over 500 MW of active community solar and distributed generation projects in development.

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